This is a brief overview of the requirements necessary to go on pointe. You will be notified via email when you are ready to go on pointe. We will then set up a time for shoe fittings and a semi-private lesson for pointe shoe care and technique. PLEASE DO NOT GET POINTE SHOES BEFORE THIS NOTIFICATION! Please speak to your teacher about any questions that you may have.

1.Student must be 10 1/2 years or older.
2.Student must have at least 2 years of training.
3.Student must be taking a minimum of 3 classes a week in IVA (for a total of 4.5 hours) consistently.
4.Student must have sufficient strength to do the following:

  • Be able to hold their turnout while dancing
  • Have a strong, straight back while dancing, especially the lower back
  • Keep the heels forward towards the big toe (no sickling)
  • Use plié while dancing (knees over toes, heels down)
  • Point their feet while dancing
  • Pique passé with straight leg
  • Be able to do 16 relevés in the center without stopping (as high up on half-pointe as possible)
  • Be able to hold a passé balance on half-pointe
  • Be able to do the pointe exercises correctly (releves and toe lifts)

5.Student must be well groomed, with hair out of the face and in a bun. Ponytails are not acceptable at
this point in training. Short hair must be held back away from the face.
6.Student should be responsible enough to bring all ballet equipment needed. Pointe shoes require extra
7.Student must be in good health and able to take a whole class. If student frequently needs to rest
because of illness or injury, she is not strong enough for the extra demands that pointe work requires.
8.Student pays attention in class and works well. Going en pointe is a big step and requires commitment
9.Student must be of normal weight.
10.Student has enough of an arched instep to stand on pointe.

It is also a good idea to see the doctor who visits the school once a month to be checked out for strength.If needed, you will be given strengthening exercises.