Girls are required to wear the following during class:
•   Black, scooped neck, short sleeved or tank leotard.
•   Pink leg tights.
•   Pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather) with elastic over the instep.
•   Ballet skirts may be worn only for pointe classes and only at the discretion of the teacher.
•   Character dance students must bring a skirt and character shoes to class.



Girls may NOT wear the following during class:
•   Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, dangling earrings).
•   Dark colored nail polish.
•   Leg warmers, t-shirts, or sweat shirts. (Notify your teacher if an injury or illness necessitates an exception.)

Girls must have their hair pulled back from their face and secured firmly in a bun. Short hair must be held back off the face with a wide hair band. Dancers develop poor habits when their hair is allowed to fly freely!
Ballet Bun Tutorial: 


Beginning boys are required to wear the following during class:

•   White T-shirt.
•   Black shorts or tights.
•   White socks and white ballet slippers.

Intermediate and Advanced boys replace shorts with black tights.