effective January 1 - June 1, 2019  (subject to change)

Tuesday7:30-9:00p (at summer time starts at 7pm)Adult Beginning/Intermediate Ballet2Vinnie Jones
Sunday10:30a-12pBallet 101 for real beginners1Patricia Macris
Sunday10:30a-12:00pAdult Adv. Beginning Ballet2Ommi Pipit-Suksun
Sunday12:00p-1:30pAdult Intermediate Ballet2Ommi Pipit-Suksun

*Classes may be added or deleted as necessary. Please check website for most current schedule*

We do not have a dress code for adults, but we suggest well-fitting leotards and tights so that the teacher can make corrections as needed. Black ballet slippers and shoes are not allowed on our floor because they leave marks!


Drop-in Rates:
1 ½ hour Single Class - (paid before class) $16.00

Series Rates (Please use within 2 months):
5-class series (1 ½ hour) $77.00    
10-class series (1 ½ hour) $150.00

STUDENTS HAVE 2 MONTHS TO TAKE THE CLASSES BEFORE THE SERIES EXPIRES (i.e., if you paid on January 1st, it will expire March 1st). The 5-class series is for those who usually come once a week, and the 10-class series is for those who come twice a week, with flexibility for missed classes. * CLASSES MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE IN ORDER TO EARN DISCOUNTED PRICE! *

PLEASE COME IN AND SIGN-IN ON THE ROLL SHEET BEFORE CLASS & INDICATE FORM OF PAYMENT. These classes cannot be used as a make up for your child! These are drop-in classes, so they are ongoing.

*Classes may be added or deleted as necessary. Please check website for most current schedule*