effective January 1 - June 1, 2019  (subject to change)

Tuesday7:30-9:00pm (June 4 - August 13 starts at 7pm)Adult Beginning/Intermediate Ballet *)2Vinnie Jones
Sunday10:30am-12pmBallet 101 for Real Beginners **)1Patricia Macris
Sunday10:30am-12:00pmAdult Pre-Intermediate Ballet ***)2Ommi Pipit-Suksun
Sunday12:00pm-1:30pmAdult Intermediate/Advanced Ballet ****)2Ommi Pipit-Suksun

How to choose the right class?

*) Tuesday 7:30 pm class:
**) Ballet 101 for Real Beginners:
No previous experience in ballet required.
***) Sunday 10:30am Adult Pre-Intermediate Ballet: Students need to have at least 2- 3 years of experience and basic fundamentals of classical ballet (for example, basic feet and arms positions, knowledge of musical phrase and rhythm).
****) Sunday 12:00pm Adult Intermediate/Advanced Ballet: Students need to have sufficient ballet technique and understanding of movement sequence (for example, sequences across the floor). This class is geared towards students who are in Intermediate level who want to push and challenge themselves as well as to tackle more complicated combinations. 

*Classes may be added or deleted as necessary. Please check website for most current schedule*

We do not have a dress code for adults, but we suggest well-fitting leotards and tights so that the teacher can make corrections as needed. Black ballet slippers and shoes are not allowed on our floor because they leave marks!

CLASS RATES (New rates starting in june 2019):

Drop-in Rates:
1 ½ hour Single Class - (paid before class) $16.00 (new rate $20.00)

Series Rates (Please use within 2 months):
5-class series (1 ½ hour) $77.00 (new rate $90.00)
10-class series (1 ½ hour) $150.00 (new rate $170.00)

STUDENTS HAVE 2 MONTHS TO TAKE THE CLASSES BEFORE THE SERIES EXPIRES (i.e., if you paid on January 1st, it will expire March 1st). The 5-class series is for those who usually come once a week, and the 10-class series is for those who come twice a week, with flexibility for missed classes. * CLASSES MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE IN ORDER TO EARN DISCOUNTED PRICE! *

PLEASE COME IN AND SIGN-IN ON THE ROLL SHEET BEFORE CLASS & INDICATE FORM OF PAYMENT. These classes cannot be used as a make up for your child! These are drop-in classes, so they are ongoing.

*Classes may be added or deleted as necessary. Please check website for most current schedule*