NEW! Private/Semi-Private classes for levels IV, V, VI and VII in July!

In July we will offer new private/semi-private classes taught by Miss Rima, Miss Vinnie, Miss Kirsten and Miss Mia. These classes are for level IV, V and VI students. The final fee depends on how many students enroll for the class.

These classes are 1-hr private or semi-private classes depending on how many students enroll for the class. Student will get refund during the class if there are more students attending at the same time. All students have to pay the whole fee at first ($90.00). If more students attending the class students will get refund or credit for the future classes.


1 student: $90.00 1 hr class.

2 students: $50.00 1 hr class

3 students: $36.00 1 hr class.

Please, enroll HERE!

We will add more classes later! Stay tuned!